Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery from Liquid Web
Safeguard Your Investment With Our Customizable Disaster Recovery Options
While constantly working to develop and refine our High Performance Options in order to fight the consistently evolving technological threats to your important data, we have realized the value in going beyond offering not only the future in disaster prevention, but also one of the hosting world’s most secure data recovery structures. While Liquid Web’s focus on High Availability has gone a long way toward ensuring our customers’ peace of mind, the IT horror stories of downtime and loss of data as the result of physical incidents such as unpreventable accidents or even natural disasters has highlighted the increasing importance of Geographic Redundancy in the web-hosting market.
Geographic Redundancy is the replication of your entire set of data in two geographically separate sites, allowing that -- in the event of failure -- your applications can switch from one site to another. Our reputation for offering the most respected and secure recovery solutions has led us to welcome the hosting needs of many clients who have lost customers, business, income and trust following lost data and prolonged downtime in the event of disaster experienced with previous hosting companies. With three wholly owned data centers in separate physical locations, all in disaster neutral areas of the US, we offer a significant advantage to those who choose to host with us.

While Geographic Redundancy and Liquid Web’s regional advantages offer the paramount in Disaster Recovery Solutions, we have a number of customizable and fully manageable plans designed to help you back up your important data and arrange your servers in the manner that best suits the type of security your business needs. How can you ensure you’re equipped to not only prevent a disaster, but also to mitigate any downtime or lost data should an instance beyond your control occur? Contact us and we can help you figure out what best best fits your technical and budgetary needs! Once our fully manageable Disaster Recovery plan is in place, Heroic Support® team members will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year should you have any questions or need to change or adapt your plan.